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Star Creations is a Indian Textile Company, continues the silk tradition of the Varanasi family, which began its activity in 2000, building its experience on the rich history of the silk city Varanasi , of Indian origin, made of art, organization and above all absolute propensity for quality, the company has embarked on a path made of passion for Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Viscose, and Modaal art, colors and Hand Paints designs in our scarves and fabrics that are made by ancient techniques with the latest in high street fashions, that have always accompanied the evolution of clients tastes.

Today the production of Real Traditional Silk , characterized by the best Fabrics technology skilfully combined with a tradition of more than twenty years, includes, in addition to fine fabrics, also trimmings scarves and fabrics that furnish the most exclusive palaces in the world, from The Sarnath, Varanasi.

Using a technical and creative staff at the head of technologically advanced systems, the company is able to new design and latest high street fashions identities and produce ancient techniques and chromatic documents kept in the various archives that have always constituted its history and culture.

Our Mission & Vision

Star Creations mission goes far beyond the simple supply of scarves and quality fabrics. The intent of management lies in the creation of an emotion, a fabric capable of telling the love for the beautiful things of the past, in the passion of the many expert hands that accompany “the pleasant noise” of each frame and mastery in packaging every new piece of Master.

The company has always been active in every phase of the creation of the scarves and fabric: from the dyeing of yarns to weaving, operating according to a distinctly flexible nature, faithful to the most classic style but with a constant eye to the interpretation of the stylistic and functional needs of its clients.


Star Creations dedicates many resources to the design, research and improvement of its quality and production standards, aware of the difficulties of operating successfully in an exclusive market, firmly anchored to classic quality, but with current rhythms and needs.

The acquisition of state-of-the-art by hand, the constant training and updating of personnel and, last but not least, the various controls to which every phase of the production cycle is subjected have always represented essential elements for the company’s philosophy.

With the help of the system, used in the characterization of the style of each fabric, the company is able to obtain greater speed and precision in the execution of the drawings.

The company uses the highest textile technology, to combine tradition and progress. At real traditional fabrics , at the same time, there is the warmth and style of the typically crafted manufacture of the production and the quality, reliability and speed of production, typical of industrial know-how.


Over the years, STAR CREATIONS has expanded and diversified the use of raw materials. In fact, today in production we use not only silk, but also cotton, linen, viscose, wool and other artificial fibers that contribute to making different types of fabrics.

Alongside the production of fine fabrics, STAR CREATIONS has also joined a multi-fiber sector addressed and dedicated to the “contract” where synthetic raw materials are used .

The STAR CREATIONS production cyclebegins with the dyeing of yarns to be used as warps and weaves, continues with the preparation of these fundamental elements, through the phases of unraveling and warping.

Consequently the frame is put in place with the knotting operation: it is a delicate passage that is carried out with the knitting machine that links the old warp to the new one; therefore, after the appropriate adjustments, the loom can start the weaving, after which the fabric is subjected to quality control and any necessary finishing.

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